Crestwyn Behavioral Health provides a dedicated treatment track through which patients as young as age 10 can receive clinical care and educational support in a manner that is appropriate for their age and developmental level.

Adult men & women can receive comprehensive treatment services that have been customized to ensure that their unique needs have been identified and addressed, and that they are best prepared to achieve lasting recovery.

Adults & adolescents who are experiencing both a mental health disorder and a substance use disorder benefit from our ability to assess and treat co-occurring disorders in a manner that promotes holistic healing.

Why Choose Crestwyn Behavioral Health?

Conveniently located in historic Germantown, Tennessee, Crestwyn Behavioral Health is a state-of-the-art treatment center where adults and adolescents can receive life-changing care for mental health and substance use disorders. At Crestwyn Behavioral Health, patients have the opportunity to work in close collaboration with experienced professionals whose skills are equaled only by their compassion and dedication. Each person who heals at Crestwyn Behavioral Health will follow a personalized treatment plan that incorporates the therapeutic and educational activities that are best suited to their unique strengths, needs, and goals.

In addition to alleviating the distressing symptoms that have negatively impacted the lives of our patients, Crestwyn Behavioral Health is dedicated to helping these individuals to address the root causes of their struggles and to develop the skills and strategies that will enable them to achieve long-term recovery and enjoy a significantly improved quality of life.

Crestwyn Behavioral Health is the Premier Mental Health Center in Memphis, TN.

Welcome to Crestwyn Behavioral Health

Crestwyn Behavioral Health is a place of both hope and healing, where sophisticated, research-supported clinical services are provided in an atmosphere of compassion, dignity, and support. At our center, adults and adolescents receive comprehensive treatment services that are designed to provide stability, ease suffering, and promote ongoing recovery. At Crestwyn Behavioral Health, we understand that treatment is just one part of the recovery process, and our goal is to provide the care that will empower our patients to maintain and build upon the progress that they make with us long after they have completed treatment and returned home.

Due to the intensively personalized nature of treatment at Crestwyn Behavioral Health, no two patients will have identical experiences while in our care. However, each person who heals with us can expect certain common elements throughout their time in our center. For example, each patient at Crestwyn Behavioral Health will be valued as a unique individual who is worthy of compassion and respect, and whose voice will be heard when developing and evaluating his or her treatment plan. At Crestwyn Behavioral Health, treatment is not a passive experience. Instead, patients and, when appropriate, family members, are expected to play active roles in their care and are encouraged to take ownership over their recovery.

At Crestwyn Behavioral Health, we understand the many ways that mental health disorders and substance abuse problems can undermine even the most dedicated efforts to achieve a healthier future, and we are devoted to providing the comprehensive services that will allow adolescents and adults to realize their true potential and live the healthier and more satisfying lives that they both desire and deserve.

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